Who’s Going

Avery Swartz


Gather North host. Founder & CEO, Camp Tech. Tech advisor to SMBs & charities. Contributor, The Globe and Mail. Resident tech expert, CTV Your Morning.

Marianne Wisenthal


Writer, producer, content strategist, mum & city gal. I wrangle words with aplomb.

Michelle Caddey Maclean


Creator of websites and content for corporations, government and professional services. Mom. Outdoor enthusiast. Dog lover. Travel-obsessed.

Tara Wilkins


I take the WTF out of HTML with Camp Tech, pet feral cats til they like humans and spend a lot of time retweeting dog GIFs.

Nicole Rodriguez


I use thoughtful design & code to make websites & apps easier to use. Supporter of social justice & diversity. Fan of food & travel.

Zoe Simpson


Focusing on making technology accessible and easy to use!

Alisha Patel


On this earth to empower people to succeed. Mom, wife, equality supporter, fitness instructor, raptors fan. All about #lifeexperiences

Melissa Nightingale


Bestselling author @hfuiym. Partner @rawsignalgroup. Editor at Former boss @wattpad @edmodo @mozilla.

Sara Slater


Freelance UI & Graphic Designer/Front End Developer. Love to learn all the things and help others learn what I already know. Ailurophile.

Jackie Ewald


I'm a Customer Success Coach at Uberflip. I love the tech industry and want to learn more about carving a space in it for myself.

Tara Robertson


Marketer in Toronto. TechLadies meetup organizer. Can I pet your dog?

Avalee Harlton


Web analyst by day; sewist, knitter, baker, reader, tv / movie watcher, and cat lover by night. I love stories, so tell me yours!

Kelsey Merkley


Public lead for Creative Commons Canada and founder of The Uncommon Women Project. Functional Pocket Feminist, lover of whisky & puppies

Anastasia Philopoulos


Managing Editor of Shopify’s Web Design and Development blog. Former journalist and freelancer. Lover of chocolate stout beer.

Margaret Leibovic


Director of Engineering at League. Formerly Mozilla. Mobile and web developer, people leader, runner, cyclist.

Stacey McDowall


Stacey has worked in various roles in the media and agency worlds. She loves music & cares about equality and integrity.

Erica Morgan


I'm from Kitchener, ON & work for a great hearing aid company on a digital team of 5 people! I do social media, web publishing & imaging

Linn Øyen Farley


Web developer & designer with a theatre tech degree. Bread enthusiast. Talks about her cat a lot.

Seema Lakhani


Head of Wattpad Labs, Product @ Wattpad. Passionate about product, innovation and diversity. Also love performing theatre and comedy.

Linn Vizard


Human interested in service design, UX, complex systems, post-capitalism and dancing. Big fan of women! Loves glitter and puns.

Kristen Scheel


I’m a digital strategist interested in web design and social media.

Michelle Arbuckle


Librarian/Not-For-Profit Director/Event Organizer/Tea Drinker/Chapstick addict. I plan things to help librarians grow their brains.

Sarah Stockdale


Entrepreneur, advocate, speaker and owner at Stockdale Consulting— strategic growth for Canadian startups. Former Tilt & Wave.

Khushy Shujaat

Toronto-based designer with a love of travelling and an affinity for dad jokes.

Jill Nurse


Writer. Reader. Idea-haver. Creating pictures with words. I write for every platform and for every type of client. Never a dull moment!

Laura Eagin


I build beautiful WordPress and Shopify sites for small businesses. Yes, I'll fix your website.

Lily Hodgson

Entrepreneur, Interior Decorator and Etsy Vintage Seller.

Aisha Blake


Aisha co-leads Girl Develop It Detroit. She is down for anything as long as there are puppies and/or karaoke involved.