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Who’s Going — Gather North

Who’s Going

Avery Swartz


Gather North host. Founder & CEO, Camp Tech. Digital advisor & consultant, North Coast Group. Contributor, Globe and Mail, CTV, CBC, Chatelaine.

Jennie Ormson


Therapist + EQ Consultant saving sanity & souls at The Nook and online. Book obsessed daydreamer and red lipstick loving water seeker.

Stacey McDowall


Workerbee, media junkie, foodie, Star Wars fanatic, collector of vinyl, lover of cats. Something like that. Formerly MTV, Rogers & more.

Chanele McFarlane


Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Do Well Dress Well. Top 100 Black Women to Watch. Speaker. Freelance content strategist. Conference connoisseur.

Nicole Husain


Happiest when I'm creating amazing education and tech experiences. General Manager at Lighthouse Labs by day, crafty scientist by night.

Sheba Zaidi


Communications consultant at Proof Inc. Co-founder of The County Wine Tours. Followed by Barack Obama and Britney Spears on Twitter.

Allye Vice


Developer at Filament Creative. HackerYou alumni and mentor. Loves Prince Edward County, musical theatre and the Ottawa Senators.

Tara Robertson


I'm a marketer in Toronto looking to meet women in tech (& reconnect with awesome ladies I met last year!) Do you have a dog?

Amie Phipps


Web Developer at TWG. Mentor at HackerYou as well as a graduate from the HackerYou bootcamp.

Alisha Patel


VP of Finance & HR @TWG - Tech helper/lady leader - Avid sports fan - mom of two kids - food and wine lover. Believe kind will always win!

Anastasia Philopoulos


Work on all things content at Shopify for a community of designers, developers, and marketers. Lover of chocolate stout beer.

Corrin Whiteway

Cycling enthusiast, comedy lover, pie baker, marketing operations & automation do-er

Tiffany Tse


Teacher, Speaker, and FED · Developer Advocacy Lead @shopify · Prof @sheridancollege & @yorkuniversity Design

Jess Joyce


Marketer, developer, helper, speaker, internet resident for over 20 years, music junkie.

Ange Friesen


Copywriter + Creative Strategist. Essentially this: brand therapy for beautiful ideas and their people.

Michelle Caddey Maclean


Marketing communicator, tech writer & digital PM. Builds corporate, professional services & government sites. Loves travel, dogs & cottages.

Allison Reinheimer Moore


Information architecture-obsessed tech writer. Mom. Lover of tea and cake and cats. Indescribably bad at charades.

Alana Merdzan

I am new to the tech world, and love learning from other inspiring women. I love the outdoors, pasta, and dogs!

Genevive Savundranayagam


Toronto based marketing and communications profeasional and co-founder of The County Wine Tours in PEC.

Jayne Bingler


Over 18 years in the digital space - primarily in Canadian media - CBC, TVO, Teletoon, Rogers, specializing in strategy and brand extension.

Stephanie Allen


Embracing opportunities, challenging the status quo, and building environments where people can discover, do and be their greatness.

Maggie Patterson


Content marketing agency owner. Mentor to bosses who work with clients. Avid reader and will give you all the book recos you can handle.

Amber Authier


Music fan. Writer. Dedicated to supporting the growth of women in tech.

Anne Thomas


Tech Director @outofthesandbox / Lead Instructor @hackeryou. Love JavaScript and all animals 🐴🐶😸

Charlene Gethons


Charlene is a mindfulness meditation teacher and coach who teaches people to get out of their heads and into their lives.

Michelle Arbuckle


Librarian. Non-Profit Director. List-Maker. Chapstick Addict. Cocktail Drinker.
ENTJ. Aquarian. Ginger. East-End Torontonian.

Zoe Simpson


Interested in all things UX, CX, and Product. Currently, Manager of Customer Education at Uberflip in Toronto.

Jamie Shea

Excited to network with like-minded fearless females! I start my Saturday's off making jam, and I love to fish, box and explore the world!

Erin Bury


Head of marketing agency Eighty-Eight. Co-founder of The County Wine Tours. Startup advisor/investor. RT'd by Oprah. Loves wine and pizza.

Linn Øyen Farley


Web developer & designer with a theatre tech degree. Bread enthusiast. Talks about her cat a lot.

Andrea Jones


Andréa Jones is all about simplifying social media for small businesses, startups, and podcasts.

Dara Skolnick


Independent web developer from Toronto who loves design, art, photography, plants, and experimenting with digital nomad life.

Kristen Scheel


Writer & marketer, interested in communications, journalism and design.

Takara Small


Takara Small is a tech journalist and founder of VentureKids Canada. She is also a resident tech expert for CTV News and CBC.

Avalee Harlton


Web analyst by day; sewist, knitter, baker, reader, tv / movie watcher, and cat lover by night. I love stories, so tell me yours!

Annie Thomson

Onboarding Specialist at Uberflip. Happiest when exploring new places and meeting new people, or watching true crime documentaries.

Avery Francis


Always looking to what’s next, award winning HR leader, Avery works with leading startups to navigate scaling with the best and brightest.

Fatima Zaidi


VP of Biz Dev at Eighty-Eight, top 30 under 30, commentator for Global News and BNN, eats skittles in even numbers.

Jackie Ewald


I strive to create amazing experiences for my clients. The rest of my time is spent biking, petting other people's cats, reading & laughing.

Erica Morgan


Digital marketer with 8+ years' experience - recently changed careers. Introverted lover of dogs and tiny houses, avid blood donor.

Michelle Grocholsky


I make businesses more inclusive and diverse and equip women to get what they want at work without changing who they are.

Aja Servais

Fairly new to tech, looking to connect with like-minded people. Dog-mom and long-distance cyclist.

Nadine Silverthorne


Director of Product Management @ Rogers Media + mama, eternal digi gurl, insatiable reader, bike commuter, sometimes writer, proud Armenian

Janice Sousa


I am a growth consultant helping companies de-bro sales and customer focused teams and I love to create humane (crazy eh?) sales managers.

Jeanne Schiller


I love to make things - on the internet and IRL. I also have a passion for tacos and all things that don't contain gluten: 🌵🐕💃🍸

Sara Funduk


I'm co-founder of CourseCraft, an e-course platform for creative entrepreneurs. I'm also a new(ish) mom, coffee addict and art lover.