The Vision

attendees listening

Gather North changes lives.

Gather North was created in 2015 by Sarah Hunter and Avery Swartz. They envisioned an event that’s part professional conference, part weekend getaway. The number of spaces available would be intentionally limited to create a small group atmosphere. The venue would be a destination with a touch of luxury. Speakers would be chosen for their ability to inform, challenge, delight and inspire attendees. The schedule would have breathing room for attendees to relax and connect with each other. Every detail of Gather North would be designed to foster meaningful communication and strengthen ties between women in the digital community.

After two successful events in 2015 and 2016, we are thrilled to invite you to Gather North 2017. Join us at the spectacular Fairmont Chateau Montebello for a weekend you won’t forget.

The Venue

Fireplace and couches at the Chateau Montebeloo

The world’s largest log cabin.

Originally constructed as a private club in 1930, the Chateau Montebello is located on one of the last surviving land grants made by 17th-century French kings to early settlers of New France.

The centrepiece of the Chateau is a breathtaking hexagonal rotunda, containing a six-sided stone fireplace that rises more than 20 metres to the roof. The fireplace is surrounded by comfortable seating, where you can relax with a book and a warm drink, or gather with friends.

Activities at the Chateau include hiking, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on acres of trails, dogsledding, ice skating, sleigh rides and more. For those that prefer indoor activities, the spectacular indoor pool is the largest in Canada and the spa is renowned.

The Chateau Montebello has welcomed political leaders, celebrities and royalty from around the world. It has hosted G7 conferences and NATO summits. In 2017, we are thrilled to host Gather North at this most prestigious location.

The Cheateau Montebello is a 45-minute drive from Ottawa and a 90-minute drive from Montreal. The estimated drive time from Toronto is 5 hours.

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Old photos of the Chateau Montebello
The Chateau Montebello in 1930, when it opened as the Seigniory Club